Zypper is a command line package manager which makes use of libzypp for installing, updating and removing packages as well as for managing repositories.In this article we will be known about Zypper commands for package management in Suse Linux.


We can get detailed help by using help option along with zypper command.

zypper help

The common usage of Zypper command is as follows

Install, Update and Remove packages with Zypper

We can install Packages in SUSE Linux y using zypper install command as follows

Sample Output:
zypper install vlc

We can also Update packages  by using following commands.

Sample Output:


We can also update all the installed packages in system by using the command zypper update as follows

We list the available updates by using the command zypper list-updates as follows


We can also Upgrade the Distribution by using zypper dup command

By using remove option we can delete the packages as follows


Search and Get the package information with Zypper

We can search for required packages in repositories by using Zypper commands as follows

To get the detailed information of package by using the option info along with Zypper command.

Repositories management with Zypper commands

We can add the Repositories with zypper command as follows

The general options to use along with zypper addrepo are as follows


We can list all the available repositories by using zypper lr or zypper repos command


To Display Uri also by using –uri option

We can remove repositories by using removerepo option as follows

We can also add Local Repositories as follows

Enjoy Linux. Have a fun!



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