By default some files and folders are hidden by operating system to prevent users from deleting and updating these. Sometimes it is necessary to make your important content safe. If any novice user unintentionally modifies or deletes an important files or folder then the operating system can be crash or operate abnormally. But for doing specific task you may need to show these hidden contents. There are two ways to show hidden files and folders. By using windows file explorer and control panel. This article shows how you can show hidden content in windows 10.

Open folder option using Windows Explorer

Open windows explorer. Select View menu and click on Options to open folder option dialog box.

Select View tab and click on the option Show hidden files, folders and drives under Files and Folders group. Click OK.

Now open any drive or folder that contains hidden content. The icon of the hidden file and folder will be shown as fade.

Open folder option using Control Panel

Type the text control on the search box to find Control Panel option and click it to open Control Panel dialog box.

Click on Appearance and personalization link.

Click on Show hidden files and folder to open File Explorer Option dialog box. Now follow the steps that are mentioned above.

Show Protected Hidden files and folder

You can access normal hidden files by following any of the above two ways. But there are other protected hidden files and folders. These protected system files and folders are hidden by default and recommended to hide by enabling Hide protected operating system files option in Folder dialog box.   If you want show these protected files then unchecked the option.

As a user you can also hide your necessary files and folders for security or hide from other users with whom you are sharing your computer. To do this you have to right click on the selected file or folder and click on properties option.

You have to enable the hidden attribute of the required files and older and click OK. In the similar way when you will uncheck hidden attribute then file will be visible to all users.

You can see the full steps from the following video link:

But using this technique to hide files and folders are not so effective if the show hidden files and folder option is enable in your system by default. If the other users know how to show hidden files and folder then also your hidden content will be visible to the users. To hide or protect your important files and folder from other users then you can use any thirty folder protecting software. There are many free software are available online to do the task. One of the easy way to protect your folders and files is to use 7-zip achiever. With file compression facility you can’t hide your folder but make it password protected. So that other users will not be able to open it. How you apply this software is shown in the other article. The article link is given below.


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