Multiple operating systems can run easily in windows by using Virtual Box. The common requirement for Ubuntu user is to share folder between host operating system and guest operating system. If you need to share content between windows and Ubuntu (which is installed in virtual box) then you have to configure some setting in virtual box and run some commands. This article will help you to learn how to share folder between Ubuntu and windows using virtual box guest addition.

Select the particular windows folder for share

After running the Ubuntu in virtual box, click on the Devices menu and then click Shared Folder and click Shared Folder Setting submenu item.

Click on the Add New Share Folder button to select the windows folder. Add share dialog box will appear. Browse and select the required folder as Folder Path. By default selected folder name will be set a folder name but you can set any folder name as you want.

To acess the folder permanently from Ubuntu, you have to check the Auto Mount and Make Permanent checkbox and press OK. Close the share folder setting box.

Install Virtual Box guest addition

To make the shared folder accessible in Ubuntu, you have to install Virtual Box Guest Addition. To do this, select Devices menu and click Insert Guest Addition CD Images. This will mount with the ISO image.

When the following dialogue box appears, click Run. It will ask for admin password. Provide the password to complete the operation.

To compete the installation process you have to wait for sometimes and when the following message to appear and press any key to close the dialogue box.

Create New Folder in Ubuntu to attach with the windows folder

Open the terminal by pressing “Ctrl+Alt+T” and run Ubuntu commands to create new folders. This folder will be used to access the previously attached windows folder. Now run Ubuntu command to mount the windows folder with newly created Ubuntu folder. Here the folder named share is attached with the previously created windows folder named background. If no error occurs then the task is completed sucessfully.

Now if you open the files in Ubuntu then it will show content of the windows background folder which is accessible from share folder.

Now if you create any files or folder in Ubuntu share folder then it will be accessible from windows background folder. Both folders will contain the same content and accessible from both operating system. Create and save a new file in share folder and open the windows background folder to check file is accessible or not. Here test.txt file is created as testing purpose and store in the share folder.

Open the background folder from windows to check the accessibility of test.txt file.

To keep the share folder always accessible, you have to save your machine state in virtual box after completing the task. To do this, when you press on the close button of the virtual box then following dialogue box will appear. Select the save the machine state option and click OK to keep the previous setting for next time use. If you power off the machine then you will lose all setting and you have to do the above setting again from the beginning.


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