I got home  strange situation last week , after installing some Apache servers on my test lab , and  i was not  able  to call the site,  i did some investigations  on google   and found  that if your network supporting Ipv6 , then  Apache will by default  listen only to  on Ipv6 .

Now  let me explain how i have resolved this  issue:

My machine

My server  is Centos7 . but  it should  be the  same issues  for other OS  distros

Install  Apache

Enable and  Start   apache

Check Listening Ports

Allow   Httpd  Service  on firewall 

Check from   other machine   http://ip  h will not  work
telnet IP  port 80   will not  work


the answer is oo disable IPv6 supprt, add the following lines to the Apache configuration (httpd.conf)

Restart Apache to take effect
#systemctl restart  httpd

Its should work now


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