It is necessary to remove junk files from the hard disk regularly and make free space for essential use. Duplicate files are one type of junk files that takes more hard disk space unnecessarily. There are many free software available to delete duplicate files from the hard disk. This type of software searches duplicate files with exactly same name, size and contents. The user can decide and select the list of files from the search result for deleting. There are many filtering options in this software for helping user to delete the unwanted duplicate files only. One of the useful duplicate file finder software with various filtering options is “Auslogics Duplicate File Finder”. It is easier to use compare to other duplicate file finder software. How you can install and use this software to remove unnecessary duplicate files from your computer is shown in this tutorial.

To download this software go to the following URL address and click on Download now button.

After download install the software and click on the following icon to open the software.

Five filtering options can be set in this software to make searching easier. In first search criteria setting, you can select all or specific types of files for searching. If you select the option “Look for all file types” then it all search duplicate files of all types and it will take more time for searching. To search specific files only and make the searching faster select “Look for these file types only” option and click on Next button.

If you want to ignore very small or very large files for searching then you can enable the options of the second criteria setting.  After selecting particular checkbox option, you can specify the file size value. For small file 1MB and for large file 1GB are the default size to ignore during searching. Click on Next button.

If you want to search by matching files contents only and ignore hidden files then the following searching parameters of third criteria setting need to select.  First option is to ignore file names, second option is to ignore file types and third one is to ignore hidden files.

To make the searching more specific and want to search for specific file names, the forth search criteria setting can be used. You can mention multiple comma separated file names after selecting the option “File name contains the following”. Click on Next button.

Before clicking Search button, you can select or deselect the drive letter from left side for searching and select the storage location of the deleted files from the fifth search criteria setting options. There are three options. First option is Recycle Bin and you can easily restore your deleted files from this location if need. Second option is Rescue Center which keeps backup of your files. So if you need any deleted file again then you can recover it from here. Third option is Permanently and if you delete duplicate files by choosing this option then you will never able to restore your file again. So if you think you will not need the deleted files again then only select the third option.  Click on Search Button

According to your selected search criteria, the list of duplicate files will be shown. Now you can select those duplicate files from the list that you want to remove and click on “Delete Selected Files” button.

After deletion, records related to your search and delete operations will be shown. Such as, how many files scanned based on your search criteria, how many duplicate files found and how many files deleted. You can change the search criteria and do the search and delete operations again. To show the details report related to the search and delete, click on view details report link.

The following similar report will be shown in your browser.

So you can easily search and delete your duplicate files from your computer using this software.

You can show the full steps from the following video link:


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