For some specific websites, when the users enter the website address then the browser prompt the users to enter their physical location which is very annoying for maximum users. Depending on websites requirements, browser asks user’s details location as zip code, region, area etc. Website uses this information to help their visitors to provide different types of information related to their location. But this type of activity creates interruption in the browsing. So many users want to disable this feature from their browser. And this feature can easily disable from most of the popular browser by some setting. How this feature can be disabled from Microsoft Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Microsoft Edge are shown in this article.

Google Chrome

Open chrome browser and type chrome://settings in the address bar to open setting options.

Click Advanced and Privacy and Security option.

Click on Content Settings option. 

Click on Location to open location setting.

There are three section on location setting page. First option is used to block the location asking feature for all websites. The second option is used to block particular list of websites from asking location information and third option is used to allow particular list of websites to ask location information.

Mozilla Firefox

Open Firebox browser and type about:config in the address bar for advanced settings. If you change anything inappropriately in this section then your browser will not able to work properly. So when you type the command, the browser will ask permission from you to continue the task. You can checked or unchecked the option Show this warning next time and click on I accept the risk button.

Type geo.en in the search box to find out geo.enabled preference. Make the value of this preference to false to stop websites for asking location information. By applying this simple step you can prevent websites for asking location information in Mozilla Firefox browser.


Open Opera browser and click on menu and settings option.

Type location in the search box to find out the notification settings option. Select the option “Do not allow any sites to track my physical location”.

Microsoft Edge

There is no setting option to disable Location asking option directly from Microsoft Edge Browser in windows 10. To stop websites to do this task you have to open setting option. Click on the search app box and type setting to open setting dialogue box.

Click on Privacy option to open privacy setting dialog box.

Select location and make it disable from the right side. There is no specific option for Microsoft Edge browser to stop this feature. So without Edge browser, if any other app try to ask location information from the user then this setting will prevent to do that.

So by following above steps you can easily prevent websites to ask your physical location and enjoy your browsing without any interruption. If you are using any other browser which is not listed here then no problem. Search this option in your browser setting and make it disable.



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