No matter how much internal storage you Samsung device has, you are bound to fill it with apps, photos, videos, music and other files. What if something goes wrong and you find yourself in need to reset your phone? The answer is quite easy. Backups. Backup of all the files you storing on your Samsung device to PC using Smart Switch.

Installing Samsung Smart Switch

Head to and click Download for PC. Go to your Downloads folder and look for file called Smart_Switch_PC_Setup.exe.  Run it.





Choose the Destination Folder for the program. Check the two license agreements and click Next.







The installation process will take only a couple and seconds. Click Finish. You need to connect your phone now.



From you Samsung device, click Allow to be able to connect it to the PC. You are now connected.




Backing up your data

First, we need to configure what data will be backed up and where. From the top right, click MORE. From the drop-down list, choose Preferences.

Choose the location (green square) where you want to store your backups and then click Backup items.

From this window, choose the items you want to backup and then click OK. Note, that certain items from your SD card can also be backed up.

Click Backup, from the main window, to start the process. The files you have selected will now be copied to your PC. Depending on their size, this process can take some time.

At the end, you will be shown a brief summary of what was copied. Click OK.

Restoring your data

If you lost your files and you want to have them back on your Samsung device, from the Smart Switch’s main window, click Restore.

By default, the latest backup will be selected. Click Restore now to restore it. If you need an earlier backup, click Select a different backup.

From the top left, you can select your backup source (green square). You can select data backed up through Smart Switch, iTunes or manually. On the top right, you select which backup you want to restore (purple square). You will see a summary in the center (orange square) of what will be restored. Click OK to start, then click Restore now.

A confirmation will appear telling you once again, what was restored. Click OK.

Synchronizing with Outlook

Click on Outlook Sync.

Click the Sync Preferences button to setup what items will be synchronized with Outlook.

From here, check the options you want and click OK.

Click Sync Now to start the syncing process.

At the end click Confirm and you are done.

This is all you need to know about managing you Samsung device from your PC.



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