The boost you get from a fresh Windows installation can’t be denied. First in speed, because you get rid of all the problems slowing down your device. Second in morale, because a fresh start in appealing to everybody. Nowadays, your desktop might not even have a DVD reader, so having a flash drive with the installation kit near you when in need can save you a lot of trouble latter on.

Method 1 – Using the Media Creation Tool

To download the iso file we are going to use the Media Creation Tool that Microsoft provides. Go to and click Download Tool Now.

After the download has finished, start the app. Click Accept to continue. Optionally you can actually read the agreement.

Select Create installation media and click Next. You can also use this tool to upgrade your current Windows installation.

The default settings are based on your current Windows installation. Uncheck Use the recommended options for this PC checkbox to be able to customize them. After you have chosen the options you want from the lists, click Next. Note, that the number of options you have available in the Edition selection list depend on the edition of Windows you have installed. If you are using a Home version, you will not be able to select the PRO version.

In the next window, choose USB flash drive if you want to create the media now, or ISO file if you want to use Rufus (method 2) later on. For this method select USB flash drive and click Next.

Choose the drive you wish to use from the list and click Next. Beware, all of your files on than drive will be removed.

The process has started, it shouldn’t take long.

You may be asked to format the drive, in order to use it. Do not. If you do, you will get an error and you will have to restart the process. After the process is finished, hit Finish. You can now use your drive to install Window 10.

Method 2 – Using Rufus

Use this method if you want to keep the iso file for later use. Maybe you want to burn it on a DVD or multiple flash drives. Or you simply want to store it somewhere just in case.

Instead of the USB flash drive, select ISO file option and click Next.

Choose where you want to save the iso file and click Save.

While the file is being downloaded, go to A file will be downloaded. Go to your downloads folder and run the file. You will be asked whether you want to check for new versions of the program. As we have just downloaded it, click No.


Select your device (purple square), then select the location of the iso file (green square) and click Start. Leave the rest of the options to their default value. Hit Ok when warned about erasing the data on the flash drive.


After the process has finished you are free to install Windows 10 from your bootable flash drive.


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