After installing Arch only thing you see is a Command line without any Graphical interface and extra packages, in this post, we gonna install Cinnamon desktop on Arch Linux and customize it with themes, Conky and etc.

This is gonna be our Desktop:


First of all, you should install X server, X server provides graphic on your computer so if you wanna have a Desktop Environment first you should install some packages related to X server, so install these packages with following command:

Now it’s time to install Cinnamon, we also need a Display Manager, in this case, I’m gonna install LightDM as my Display Manager, so enter command below to install needed packages for Cinnamon and LightDM:

LightDM is a service and users should enable it to see a graphical page for login, following command helps you to enable this service:

Now reboot your computer then you should see LightDM and After that an ugly Cinnamon Desktop, but no worries we can make it beautiful and solve all of our problems, right now we need to install some packages for daily things so command below may help you in this case:

command above will install Gimp for editing images, Mouspad as a text editor,VLC player for playing videos and musics, Viewnior for showing pictures, Uget as your download manager and finally Libre Office as a good and free Office to write and .. with! there is also a package named “xf86-input-synaptics”, this package if for your laptop touch pad if you use Arch Linux on a PC you don’t need yo install it.

Now I install my Intel Graphic drivers with command below:

A Desktop Environment is made from Composer + Desktop + Windows Manager, so if we like to have and a desktop with some animation effects we need to install a Composer, Cinnamon uses “mutter” as it’s default Composer but if you wanna have something else as your composer you can install Compton.

Note: Mutter is not bad at all but we also cover compton

first install Compton with this command:

Now we make a text file as Compton config file:

We open the file we made with Nano text editor:

Copy text below to the file you made and save it:

You need to put Compton start command in startup so open “~/.bash_profile” file and put this command in that:

You may like to have some fonts on your computer, if you like to have all available font’s on your Arch use following command:

Note: installing all of the fonts is not good, but you can do it 😀

Let’s go more over and check about some Icon and GTK themes, I like Arc theme you can download it from AUR:

And for theme Icon I prefer Ultra flat theme, that’s the command:

Right click on Cinnamon task bar and choose “themes” option from list:


Now you see page below:


Choose themes you installed! Let’s go for a Conky, install Conky and Conky manager by commands below:if

You can download my Conky theme from here , unzip the file and put it in “~/.conky” then choose theme from Conky manager, if you also like to have some cursor themes you can search in AUR and you can change cursor theme from theme part in cinnamon settings.





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