Android is a very popular operating system. This operating system is now using in many mobile and tablet devices. But you can use this operating in your computer also. You can easily install this operating system on windows using virtual box. Google releases new android operating system named android 7 Nougat. Many new features are added in this operating system. So if you want to try this cool operating system in your computer then just follow the steps which is shown in this article. Before starting the installation process you have download two files. One is Virtual Box Installer and another android ISO image file.

Download Required Files

To download virtual box installer go to the following URL location:

To download android ISO go to the following URL location:

Setup Installation in Virtual Box

After Installation, open virtual box to start the android installation process. Click on new icon.

Type name of your operating system that you want to install. Select Linux as type. Version will be selected based machine configuration. Click Next.

Select memory size. The recommended memory size for this operating is 1024 MB. Click Next button.

Keep the default selection of hard disk and click Next button.

Keep the default hard disk file type and click Next button.

Keep the default selection of storage on physical hard disk and click Next button.

Select the installation location by clicking on folder button or you can keep the default location. Select the disk size and click Create.

You initial system setup is completed. Now you have to attach the android ISO image with this new machine setup. Click on Settings icon.

Click on Empty link to attach the ISO image.

Click on disk icon and Choose virtual optical disk files.

Go to the location where ISO image file is stored and select the file and click Open button.

After selection, attached file will be shown.

Go to System and select PS/2 Mouse as Pointing Device.

Start Installation Process

Select the newly setup machine and click on Start icon to start the installation process.

Select the option Installation-Install Android-x86 to harddisk and press Enter.

Select Create/Modify partition and click OK.

Select No for the next page.

Select New and press Enter.

Select Primary and press Enter.

Type the size of your hard disk. By default value is selected here.

If the partition is not bootable then make it bootable before installation.

Select Write and press Enter.

Type yes and press Enter to write the partition table to disk.

Select Quit and press Enter.

Your partition will be shown in the list.

Select the file system to format the partition. Select ext4 file system.

Select Yes to format the partition.

Select Yes to install boot loader GRUB.

Select Yes to install system directory as read-write and wait for sometimes to complete the task.

Select Yes to create a disk image for saving the user data.

Set the size of the image. Default value is 512 MB. You can increase the value if you want.

When installation is completed then you have to detach the ISO image from the virtual disk to the operating system from hard disk. Click on Devices menu and click on Optical Drives. Select the ISO image file from the list to detach and Reboot the system.

After reboot your screen will be look like this. Wait for sometimes here.

Select the language and click LET’S GO button.

Select Set up as new and wait for sometimes here for update.

To attach the android operating system with any email account type your email address and password.

Click on I AGREE button.

Click on NEXT button after setting up date and time.

Click on NEXT button after making ON/OFF Google services.

Click on ALL SET button.

Your android operating system is now ready to use. ENJOY!!!!!!

You can show the all steps from the following video link:


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