Gitlab is a software written in Ruby. This is a web-based Git repository manager with wiki and issue tracking features. It is similar to GitHub, Unlike GitHub it is open source. It is available as an Omnibus package. This packages combine all of the libraries and dependencies that Git-lab needs in one single package.


In this article we will known about the installation of Git-lab in Linux.

Before we going to install Git-lab, we have to install some prerequisites like ssh and mail services.

In this article i am using post-fix mail service instead we can also use send-mail or exim etc

we install ssh and post-fix service by using the command yum as follows

Now enable and start the ssh and post-fix services as follows

Gitlab Installation

We can download latest version of Git lab from their official site.

gitlab download page

We can use curl to download the Git-lab package as follows

gitlab download

we can also download by using wget command as follows

After the completion of download we can install Git-lab package by using rpm command

To Configure Git-lab open file located at /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

gitlab configuration fileWe have to change external_url value, set it to the the domain you will be hosting GitLab on.

Save the file and run the following command to regenerate the Git-lab configuration files

Now start the Git-lab service by using following command

We can access the Git-lab web interface in browser by using Address http://localhost or  external_url value specified in the configuration file

gitlab home page

The default username is root and the password is 5iveL!fe. Once you logged in it prompts for the password change as follows

gitlab password change

After the successful login we get the Git lab Dashboard

gitlab dashboard
If we want to allow user sign-ups you can enable it with this setting gitlab_rails[‘gitlab_signup_enabled’]

to true in the Configuration file

If we modify any fields in the configuration file we have to run reconfigure command

To create a new project click on New Project on Dashboard, The New Project window will be appeared in screen

gitlab new project

Fill the required fields like Project path and description of the Project. Choose the visibility Level to private 0r Internal or Public depend upon the project and then click create project.


project details

Now we have to add ssh key to pull or push code via ssh

ssh key

To add ssh code click on add an ssh key.

add key

We can get the key from the file  ~/.ssh/ by using the command cat ~/.ssh/ If the file not found run the command ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “root@”


project details1

Now open the terminal run the above commands in terminal to create new repository

git configuration add in the remote host

git remote command

Now we can see the files in repo by using the files option in the dashboard

prject files

Now we can download code in different formats


Now enjoy Git lab in Linux



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