FreeIPA- A Brief Introduction

Free Identity Policy Auditor is centralized authentication system.Compare FreeIPA with Active Directory Services of Microsoft. According to official documentation FreeIPA is a a integrated identity and authentication system for Linux in a networked environment.Using FreeIPA we can manager hosts, groups, users or services. With this application Administrators can manage, authenticate users or services in a large organization where thousands of user are to manage.FreeIPA uses 389 Directory Server for LDAP authentication, SAMBA to integrate with Active Directory Environment. A web based management framework is provided. Let us learn Setup FreeIPA Authentication server on CenOS7 Linux.


To run service you must be root. Out CentOS 7 VPS is configure with 1 GB RAM. Hostname will be

Update system

Verify hostname.

Verify /etc/hosts entries.

Install required package.

Install other required packages.

Reboot server at this stage and start configuring FreeIPA service.

Say yes for bind.

Provide fully qualified domain name.

Confirm domain name and provide desired password for Directory Manager and IPA server. Password must be at least eight character long.

Provide further required credentials.

Have a look on the parameters you have defined for FreeIPA configuration, say yes to move ahead.

After the configuration process is over, message like below will appear which indicate that installation is done successful.

Congratulations you have configured FreeIPA server successfully, open web browser of your choice and type FQDN or IP Address of IPA server.

Username is admin, with the password configured in installation step, press enter.

Congratulations you have a well configured FreeIPA server.


Fro demonstration purpose we have used /etc/hosts and /etc/hotsname in place of Fully Qualified Domain Name. For live environement it is suggested to have configured BIND server. Make sure that Selinux and Firewalld is disabled or allow required ports in firewall. Have fun!!


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