In the word of automation u dont have time to install manually hundreds of machines. the install via kickstart is the best solution to install per-configured machines with all needed packages and partitions.
let show in this easy tutorials how to create kickstart files in centos 7.
you can also consult our old article install Centos 7 via PXE :
In centos you need X windows installed (Gnome or KDE) with installed package system-config-kickstart
Else install it with

Under Applications > system Tools > kickstart

Now welcome to kcikstart configurator

Just follow the instructions till the lasts
step . after that just to fine preview and save the kickstart file somewhere.
you get an file like this : ( root  password in my example is   000000)

Lets put the file on apache server :

enable and start apache

Please allow httpd service on firewall rules

Now put the kickstart file on httpd Documents root (/var/www/html)

you can check http://IP/ks.cfg

Lets try to insllall and use DVD and Kickstart

Please select Install CentosCentos Linux 7 and use TAB and add ks=http://ip/ks.cfg at the end of the file then Enter

you are Done


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