You can easily share your Internet connection from your PC to your other Wi-Fi supported devices on Windows 10. It can be done by creating virtual Wi-Fi hotspot in your PC or laptop. Free Wi-Fi hotspot can create by two ways. One is to install and configure free hotspot creating software. Another is to use some commands in command prompt and configure the main Internet connection setting to share the connection. The second option is better because you don’t need to install any software to create the free Wi-Fi hotspots. How you can create free virtual Wi-Fi hotspots without any software on Windows 10 is shown in this tutorial.

Open Command Prompt and Run Necessary Commands

Click on the search box and type cmd to open command prompt. Right click on the option and select Run as administrator option to run command prompt with administrative privilege.

The following dialogue box will appear after clicking the option.

Now type the following command to check your PC or laptop supports virtual Wi-Fi hotspot or not.

Ø  netsh wlan show drivers

To create free virtual Wi-Fi, your computer need to support hosted network. If your PC or laptop supports this feature then you will show the following highlighted option and you can go for the next step.

Type the following command with your SSID name and KEY to create virtual Wi-Fi Hotspot. Here SSID will indicate your network broadcast name to identify your created Wi-Fi and Key will indicate the password to connect with the network to share the Internet connection. You can set any SSID and KEY value create the Hotspot. “mynet” is used as ssid and “hello123” is used as key in the command.

Ø  netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=mynet key=hello123

Run the following command to start your hosted network. If it works properly the following message will appear.

Ø  netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Run the following command to show the network details of your newly created hosted network.

Ø  netsh wlan show hostednetwork

The following screen shows the hosted network setting and hosted network status. In hosted network option you will see the status as started and a unique channel number to identify your network which is set as 6 for the new network here. It can vary according to the network connection of your computer.

Open and Configure Network Connection

Type ncp on the search box to open the network connection. Click on the View network connections option to view all network connection.

The Network connection dialogue box will show all active or inactive connections of your computer. The newly created hosted network and main Internet connection will be shown here. For the above configurations the hosted network name is “mynet” and main Internet connection name is “NETGEAR97” which will vary based on your own setting and Internet connection.  

Next step is to configure the main Internet connection to share it. Right click on the connection and select properties from the pop-up menu. It will open the property dialogue box for this connection.

Select the sharing tab, check the first option to allow other user to connect through Internet connection and uncheck the second option to disable network controlling options for other users.

Next step is to select your newly created hosted network from the drop down list and click OK button.

Check Virtual Wi-Fi Connection from Other Wi-Fi supported device

You can use any android device to test the connection. Android mobile phone is used here to check the connection. Open the Wi-Fi setting option from your mobile and search SSID name of your newly created hosted network. Click on the name to provide password to make connection.

Type the password that you have created earlier in command prompt and press connect button.

If the password is correct then it will show the connection as connected.

Now open any browser from your android device and type or any valid URL to check the Internet connection.

Type the following command to stop you virtual Wi-Fi connection.

Ø  netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

The virtual Wi-Fi connection will be stopped if your computer is temporary off or shut down. You can open the connection again by typing the start command from command prompt which is mentioned before.


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