After installation and configuration any type of Linux server we must export our virtual machine to the BOX file.

you may need some help how to  install  Virtual box   Ansible and  Vagrant On Fedora . please use the  bellow  link 24/24

Install Vagrant Ansible and Virtualbox in Feora 24/25

$ vagrant package –output –base CentOS6.7
CentOS6.7 – The name of the Virtual machine in the VirtualBox. – Box file which will be exported from Virtual Machine.
Add new created box file with COS67 name to the VirtualBOX:
$ vagrant box add COS67
Create new folder for initialization Vagrantfile and go to this folder. After that initialize new Vagrant file:
$ mkdir cosvm ; cd cosvm
$ vagrant init COS67
Edit Vagrantfile for you requirement. In the following configuration I set id_rsa key file path which wi will use to the authorize via SSH token to the new virtual machine. Set local IP address to the login to virtual machine and set syncronize folder to the public_html folder.

Note(Urgent): When vagrant trying login to the virtual machine it will notify
it is impossible. There are some bug with the virtual machine settings. We must go to the virtual machine Settings -> Network -> Select first adapter -> Advanced -> select checkbox to the Cable Connected -> OK
Note(Urgent): After installation and configuration virtual machine for
vagrant box file, don’t forget to delete /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules, /var/log/btmp and /var/log/wtmp files. Used VirtualBox- but worked on VirtualBox-5.0.26 r108824 too.
Start new virtual machine:
$ vagrant up



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