Movable image is called animated GIF (Graphical Interchange Format). This type of image is very popular now. Many websites are using animated image as logo, banner or movable text. Animated gif contains list of images that can repeats as a loop or stops after certain period of time. Same type of animated content can be created by Java or Flash. But the file size of the animated GIF is smaller than the file created by those software and it also works faster compared to other dynamic content. There are many ways to create animated GIF. You can use any free video to gif converting software, any browser add-on or app to create animated image. Two most easy ways to create animated GIF on Windows 10 are using any good video to gif converter from Google Chrome extension and any appropriate app to create dynamic image. How you can create animated gif using Make a GIF extension of Google chrome is shown in this article.

Add Make a GIF Extension

Open Google Chrome browser and go to chrome web store by clicking the following link.

Type Make a gif in the search box to find out the extension. Click on ADD TO CHROME button to add this extension with your chrome browser.

Click Add extension to confirm the addition.

Creating animated GIF

Now the icon of this extension will appear on the upper right corner of your chrome browser. Click on Add Pictures button to start the animated file creation process.

You can create animated GIF from five sources by using this extension. Click on the first option PICTURES TO GIF to create animated image from multiple image files.

Add two or more images by clicking ADD IMAGES button to create final animated image and click CONTINUE button to go for next step.

You will require to enter necessary information related to animated gif in the next page. Set a meaningful name of your GIF file, Resize the image if requires, select image category and assign appropriate tag related to the image. Click CREATE GIF button to go the next page.

After processing the following page will appear. Enable GIF option from the bottom and click on download icon to download the animated gif file in your local drive.

Now go to your download location and open the file to check how it looks.

To create animated gif from YouTube video, select the second option. But there is a limitation in the free version. To create HD gif you to upgrade the extension. So no HD video will convert to gif in free version. Copy any MP4 video URL from YouTube paste in the text box. Click CONTINUE button to go for the next step.

You have to set all fields like previous steps and time duration of the animation. Without creating account you are not able to create any gif more than 10 seconds. Click CREATE GIF button to go for next step.

In the previous way, create the gif file and open it from the download location. In this same way you can create animated gif from Facebook video and other video link. The fifth option of this extension can be used if you have webcam feature in your computer.  First you have allow this extension to access your camera and microphone.

In the second step you have to confirm the access of camera and microphone to start recording.

The sixth option can be used to upload any animated image from your local drive for modification. Click CONTINUE to go the next step and create the image in previous way.

Hope now you are able to create any type of animated gif and use anywhere you like.


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