In this article we will learn how to configure OpenGTS with ubuntu 16.04. OpenGTS is probable the first open source on line GTS system. It is a web based GPS system used for vehicles fleet tracking. It supports GPS tracking devices from most of the vendors. OpenGTS supports google Maps, Microsoft virtual earth. Intergeneration with other mapping service provider is possible. In a nutshell it is a popular web based GPS tracking application which is easy to deploy and cost effective alternative for commercial applications available.

Installation procedure of OpenGTS with Ubuntu 16.04

In form of prerequisites we require a fresh installed Ubuntu 16.04 Server with minimum core i5 configuration, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB hard disk and most important is to have uninterpreted internet with good speed. In our scenario our IP address will be, database password will be ‘123’ and OpenGTS admin account user name will be jt with password ‘P@ssw0rd‘.

Install required applications

Update server

Install web and php application

Define database password

Install and configure Java

Download package

Define home environment for java

Install and configure Apache tomcat

Unzip and copy file to /usr/local folder

Define home environment as CATALINA_HOME for Apache Tomcat

Change permissions and run script

Make sure web service is running at this stage

Test tomcat settings, open browser and type


Configure java mail and java  MySql connector

Download and configure Java mysql connector

Extract and package to $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext directory

Download and configure Java mail

Extract and package to $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext directory

Download and Configure OpenGTS Package

Download latest package

Unzip package to /usr/local directory


Change permissions, replace your user name with ‘jt

Run ant command

Define database password for user ‘root’


Run following command ( current directory is still $GTS_HOME)

A file named ‘track.war’ will be generated, copy that file to webapps subdirectory.

Create admin account and password for GTS web application

Restart web and database service.

Open web browser and type



Give username and password defined in previous step


Now manage your GPS devices


Manage admin account


We have a well configured and running OpenGTS server, now you can configure your track devices with the  server.


In my personal experience server there is a possibility that server can show multiple errors, so not need to be panic. I did not use apt-get command to install and configure Apache tomcat, we have downloaded tomcat package manually and that placed to appropriate location. Make sure that all environment variables are defined correctly. Feel free to ask is some query is there, have fun.


  1. Hi, and thanks for this guide.

    I have installed OpenGTS in the past successfully, with Ubuntu 14.04 with almost the same steps here.

    The problem is with the connection to the GPS devices. I was able to configure my Android phone as a GPS device, but what about real/practical GPS devices? What are you recommendations?

    Is there a GPS devices list with support for OpenGTS? Other than the one you get in OpenGTS web page.

  2. Most TK102/TK103 tracking devices (using the common TK102/TK103 protocols).
    Astra Telematics AT240, AT110, AT210
    Sanav GC-101, MT-101, and CT-24 Personal Tracker (HTTP-based protocol)
    Sanav GX-101 Vehicle Tracker (HTTP-based protocol)
    CelltracGTS™/Free for Android phones
    CelltracGTS™/Pro for Android phones
    Aspicore GSM Tracker (Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson phones)
    TAIP (Trimble ASCII Interface Protocol).
    TrackStick GPS data logger
    “GPSMapper” capable phones.
    “NetGPS” capable devices.


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