When you install a web browser in your computer then a default search engine is set for the browser. When you type anything in the address bar then the search will be done by the default search engine. If you are not satisfied with your default search engine or want to change it then you have to go to the browser setting and make your desired search engine as default.  This article will help you to learn how you can add or change default search engine in some popular browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome and right click on the address bar. Click on Edit search engine option to open search engine setting page.

You can add or remove any search engine from this setting page. If you want to remove any existing search engine then right click on that search engine and select Remove from list from the pop-up menu. And if you want to change your default search engine of chrome browser then select the particular search engine and click Make default option from the pop-up menu. Suppose you want to change Ask.com as default search engine. Right click on the Ask.com and select Make default to make it default.

Now if you enter any search text in chrome browser address bar then it will search the text by using Ask.com search engine. You can also add other search engine by clicking ADD button of Other search engines group.

Mozilla Firefox

Click menu or customize button on the upper right corner of the Firefox. Click Options to open setting.

Click Search option from the left side to find out search engine setting options. Default search engine name will be set on the top. In the following screenshot, Yahoo is default search engine. Others search engine lists are showing in the bottom list. You can add or remove item to or from the list. To remove any engine, select the item and press Remove button. Click on Add more search engines link to add any new search engine.

If you want to change the default engine from Yahoo to Google then select Google from the list. There are other options to provide search suggestion and show search suggestions in location bar results. You can enable these options if you want these features.

Now search any text in the address bar of the Firefox.


Click on Menu from the left side of the Opera browser and click settings to open browser setting.

Type the text search in the search box to find search engine setting options.  Default search engine name will show here. If you want to add or change default search engine then click on Manage search engines button.

Click Add new search button to add new search engine for the browser. Select any existing search engine from the list and click Make default button to make it default. For example, if you want to set the Bing as default search engine for opera then select Bing, click Make default and press Done button.

Now search any text in the address bar of the Opera.

Microsoft Edge

Click on menu or customize button from the upper right side of the Microsoft Edge browser and click settings option to open browser settings.

Scroll down the vertical bar to search and click View advanced settings button. Search the default search engine section to change or add new search engine.

Suppose Bing is set as default search engine. Click on the Google to select as default.

Now search any text in the address bar of the Microsoft Edge.

By following above steps you can change or add default search engine for any browser.

You can see the full step in the following video


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