If you are coming from Centos6 this will be different. forget to edit  inittab file .  in Centos7 everything is  managed  from systemd . normally there is two  ways  to change boot  level in Centos7.
This tutorial maybe for  beginners to understand  how it work boot levels in Centos7

1-From systemctl

Show  the  current level

This is Text mode in Old Centos releases ( runlevel 3)

Show other available targets


Switch  to   Graphical  Mode  GUI  (Runlevel 5) in centos 7

Now reboot  your  machine

That was it.

2-Method  II to   switch boot Level

Everything is based on defautl target settings

defaut.target  is linked to  graphical.target and to   switch to other boot levels

Show Targets  availables :

To  swicth   to  other  level

remove default target level file  (unlink)

link The new target  to the  default file

Reboot  and enoy


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